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EasyCow - Mobile cattle registration platform

UX & UI Design


EasyCow is a product of SEGES Innovation, born to replace two of SEGES’ retirement ready cattle registrations platforms.
In Denmark it is by law required to registrer nearly everything you know about and do to your cattle. How much milk do they make, quality of milk, medicin you give, inseminations, calves, ect. EasyCow makes it easy (pun intended) to make these registration as well as it harvest and use the data to make suggestions, show graphs and lists that helps the farmer to make smart choices.

My role

UX/UI Designer


May 2021 - Present



Design process

Design Thinking Process.png

At SEGES we thrive to ensure the agile principles using SAFe methods and approach new projects with a Design Thinking mindset. EasyCow is build as an MVP with a 6 month beta user trial.


I started the process by inviting a handfull of farmers to participating in workshop. I wanted to get a clear understanding of their needs and since it was going to be build as an MVP, the product owner and I needed input to prioritise development.


Release in steps

The goal for the development om EasyCow was alway to have short feedback loops, so the plan was alway to get the tool in the hands of the farmers as fast as possible. 

Based on the feedback from the workshop and the expert knowledge SEGES already posses an MVP was defined with a single registration possibility and a very limited Cow Card. Furthermore a feedback button was prioritized shorten the feedback loop even more.

The MVP was in the beginning given to 5 beta users, but we scaled with about 5 more each month, trying to catch a diverse test group.

Through the 6 month the beta test was running, we released every time a new function or feature was ready. This ensured that all features got their time to shine and focus to get tested thoroughly

The public release happened in May 2022 at the Kvæg Kongress, a Danish cattle oriented conference. By then a lot of development had happened with several more registrations, new lists and an expanded Cow Card

Billede af kald til kvæg kongressen




Sketching low-fidelity wireframes with pen and paper was an ongoing process looped with mid- and high-fidelity wireframes in Figma. Throughout the different fidelity stages, continuous iterations were made to improve the app’s functionality and UX.

Design System

Mock ups/Prototype

Landmands besøg/fairs and conferences

Google analytict

Final thoughts

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